Samantha Kelly

 Here is the Journey of My Client – Samantha Kelly

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Here is Samantha’s Story……

I am Samantha Kelly.  I am a wife.  I am a mother of two beautiful children, ages 4 and 7.  I am a special education teacher.  I currently supervise the special education departments in 41 elementary schools in Denver.  I am incredibly busy to say the least.  I have struggled with my weight since college.  I have tried many diets before and none of them worked for me largely due to the fact I don’t handle authority well.  I don’t handle being told that I can’t do something well.  Diets have never worked for me because even if I was only telling myself “you can’t eat that…you’re on a diet” I would get defiant and refuse to follow the rules.  I started listening to Jon’s advice on nutrition when he did his first webcast back in 2011 sometime.  I just listened.  After a few webcasts I started making small changes that were going to be permanent.  “It’s not a diet … It’s a lifestyle.”  His mantra stuck with me.  I was no longer telling myself you can’t eat that because you’re on a diet.  It was you don’t eat that anymore because you have changed your lifestyle.   Over the last couple of years I have completely changed the way I look at food.  At my heaviest I weighed over 240 pounds at 5’2”… I was pretty wide.   I have been eating clean for about two years now and have been working out with Jon a couple times a week for the last few months.  I am down about 100 pounds and went from a size 20 to a 6.  I am proud of myself and I will never quit.  I cannot thank Jon enough for all of the advice, support and motivation.

Change Your Life!


How my life is different due to this LIFESTYLE change:

¨     I am able to play with my kids without getting tired.

¨     I no longer refuse to have my picture taken.

¨     I like to shop and hated it before.

¨     I am pleased with my reflection in the mirror.

¨     I am healthier now than I have ever been.

¨     I am as fit as I was in high school.

¨     I feel attractive again… it had been a while since I had felt that way!