avatarJon’s workouts fit very well in my crazy life.  I can workout from home.  The workouts are always different and fun.  Jon pushes me to my limits but never makes me feel bad when I am unable to accomplish something.  Jon is great at finding your strength and motivating you in the way that works best for you.   I do not like to go to the gym where I feel like people are staring at me… at home workouts are the way to go.


Samantha Kelly
avatarI struggle with an auto-immune disease and working with Jon over the past year has helped me regain the mobility and flexibility that I need to manage my unpredictable schedule. He has challenged me and pushed me to be stronger- yet at the same time respected my physical limitations. I am stronger and healthier and happier as a result!

Kandi Peppers

Kandy Peppers
avatarJon is exactly the kind of trainer I needed to finally get serious about pursuing a healthy lifestyle. If you're anything like me, you always have an excuse to avoid exercise and you've tried other ways to finally make a change. Nothing has worked until Jon became my trainer. It has transformed my quality of life.

avatarMy workout goals of getting a bit leaner and more functionally fit have been exceeded since working with Jon over the last 6 months. Jon brings a lot of knowledge and purpose to every workout. What I like most is the focus that each routine has on different muscle groups, building strength and stability in a very efficient way. I walk away with moderate muscle fatigue, but never overuse aches and pains. Jon tailors the workouts to my personal needs while keeping it fun, challenging and simple. I’m amazed at the gains I’ve made while spending less time in the gym. Signing up for personal training sessions with Jon after meeting with him for a free assessment was one of the best decisions for my fitness I’ve made!