Kathy Hedrick

Transformation of Kathy Hedrick

Kathy has a very motivating story and is a prime example of what happens when we don’t give up. Kathy started training with me and was off to a rough start. Like anyone who begins a journey into change, you go through a number of emotions. One of them is fear of failing. She battled with this for a long time. I kept pushing her and motivating her to the best of my ability. She began to think results wouldn’t come and that she would never feel that euphoric feeling everyone was talking about. I reminded her that it doesn’t happen overnight and you must fall in love with the journey. After numerous training sessions she stopped weighing herself, stopped measuring, and frankly did nothing but commit and show up to our sessions. She started to enjoy the journey and became stronger and more confident. It wasn’t until she took this after pic that she realized just how far she has come. I am so proud of her and is going to accomplish so much more! Don’t ever give up and always MAKE IT HAPPEN!