Maria Pettola

 Here is the Journey of My Client – Maria Pettola

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Marias Story


Maria began Virtually Training with me in Jan. 2012. She trains with me 2 times per week. Because of her training frequency I have also included Nutrition Coaching. I’m very proud of what Maria has accomplished physically but most importantly…. I’m proud of what she has accomplished mentally. Change your mind, change your body! Here is Maria’s story.

Get Results!

When I turned 40, I decided it was time to ‘take back my body!’

After trying several diet and exercise plans with no success, I was introduced to Jon Gustin and he changed my body – and my life!

His unique “Virtual Training” enables me to workout in the comfort of my own home  at a time that is convenient for me.  The customized fitness routines are effective and challenging, and have helped me discover an inner strength I never knew I had!  I have such a feeling of self-accomplishment when I’m done working out…I truly look forward to my training days! Can you say the same!?

Jon Gustin’s knowledge of nutrition has given me a whole new prospective on eating, grocery shopping and meal preparation.  Not only have I benefited from his EATING CLEAN philosophy but my family has as well.

He is professional and courteous, encouraging and supportive and he genuinely cares about his clients.  Jon doesn’t just doesn’t send you on a life changing journey – he takes the journey with you!