Sandra Henao

Here is the Journey of My Client – Sandra Henao

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Sandra’s Journey


Sandra began working with me in September 2011 when she purchased a Custom Fitness Program. After completing her 6 week workout program she began Virtually Training with me. I train Sandra 2x a week and have for the past 5 months. She is 45lbs down and has lost 5 inches. Here is her story….

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I’ve realized throughout the last several years, I have been ignoring the weight I had been gaining.  It was a picture taken of me last fall, which made me realize just how much weight I had gained.  In thinking about how I allowed myself to get that way, a few things stood out.  One being I was stagnant, a couch potato.  The other two had to do with my diet, I was overloading on carbs and my caloric intake was insane! I was so embarrassed at how I looked and knew I had to do something about it.   I came into contact with Jon by way of Steve Burton and had heard Jon talk passionately about fitness and nutrition.  So I approached him about helping me get into shape.  I started with Jon’s 6 week fitness program. “I can do 6 weeks,” I thought and with that, began on the journey.   I stuck to the plan and even started working on what I was eating with Jon’s help.  When the 6 weeks were done, I took up Jon’s offer to virtually train.  I signed up for sessions twice a week.  I thought I had pushed myself during the first 6 weeks, but with Jon’s sessions I am pushed to my limits.  I have learned that it doesn’t matter how much you exercise if you aren’t willing to make the changes all around, especially in regards to your diet. 6 weeks has turned into 7 months and as of today, I have lost 45 lbs, 5 pants sizes!!! Knowing how hard I have worked for each pound  makes me determined never to go back to the other person I was. So the journey continues as I work toward my ultimate goal with my new lifestyle and new mind set.