Healthy Coconut Chicken

Plain chicken gets boring. I get it…. TRUST ME! So I came up with a healthy way to flavor up that chicken of yours. And what better way than adding a healthy fat like coconut! You may be thinking… “but coconut has too much fat, will I get fat?” The answer is no. Coconut has healthy fat (Medium-chain triglycerides) that the body likes to use for energy rather than storing it. According to Dr. Jonny Bowden (one of the rare Docs that understand the importance of nutrition) stated in one of his blogs, “A long-term, multidisciplinary study was set up to examine the health of the people living in the small, idyllic coconut-eating islands of Tokelau and Pukapuka. What researchers found was astonishing. Despite eating a “high-fat” diet (35 to 60 percent of the islanders’ calories were from fat, mostly saturated fat from coconuts), the Pukapuka and Tokelau islanders were virtually free of atherosclerosis, heart disease, and colon cancer. Digestive problems were rare. The islanders were lean and healthy. There were no signs of kidney disease; high blood cholesterol was unknown.” The proof is in the coconut! Ok enough science, lets get to the recipe! Coconut oil and coconut milk will be our powerhouse fat for this recipe.


1. Chicken(Organic please)

2. 1 cup coconut milk (organic please)

3. 1-2 whole eggs (organic please)

4. Coconut oil (organic please) Just FYI… don’t listen to that recent NY Times article about how organic isn’t healthier. Would you like hormones in your food? Then buy organic.

5. Bread crumbs (think healthy here, no white bread) What I do is blend up some healthy whole grain bread in a blender. There are also quinoa flakes, and they sell whole grain bread crumbs too. But making your own in the blender is my first choice.


Mix in a bowl the coconut milk and eggs. You can always add more milk if you are cooking a lot. This is a rough estimate and doesn’t need to be exact.

In a separate bowl, pour in dry bread crumbs.

For each chicken breast you will dip into the coconut milk and eggs then roll in bread crumbs until breast is covered. You then put onto a skillet that is lined with coconut oil (again the amount doesn’t really matter, add more if you need to. Don’t be scared of healthy fat!) Cook each side for about 7 min depending on breast size.

Its that easy! Serve with vegetables or a salad with either olive oil and balsamic for dressing. You may also add some apple cider vinegar (another powerhouse ingredient).

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Hope you enjoy!



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