Mexican Pizza!

The Mexican Pizza. Hands down the best fast food item one can buy. Haven’t had one in many years but I still think about them from time to time. Luckily I found a healthier alternative!

The one item you must have is the Food for Life Brown rice tortillas. IMG_8366 I found them at Whole Foods. Not only are they great for the Mexican pizza but also for any taco!

Mexican Pizza:


1. 2 Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas

2. 1 pound ground beef

3. Taco seasoning 1/2 packet

4. 1 tbs Avocado Oil

5. Mozzarella (depends how cheesy ya want it)

6. Tomato Sauce (depends how saucy ya want it)

7. Heaping tbs Full fat Greek yogurt



Cook 1 pound 90% lean ground beef in pan. Add taco seasoning once cooked.

Heat 1 tbs avocado oil in skillet. Fry each tortilla separately until crispy. Place aside.

Put 1/2 lb ground beef on cooked tortilla and sprinkle with mozzarella. Place the other tortilla on top.

Place the tortilla with ground beef back in the skillet and cook on low until cheese is melted.

While tortilla is still hot, sprinkle mozzarella on top.

Heat about 1/4 cup tomato sauce in pan and spread on top of pizza. Cut pizza in 1/4 slices.

Finish by scooping a tbs of greek yogurt on top.

Better than Taco Bell!



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