Leticia Calderon

Here is the Journey of My Client – Leticia Calderon

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Letty’s Story

Letty began working with me back in September 2011. She purchased my Nutritional Coaching and followed it until January 2012. She continued to follow the nutrition plan and became a client for Virtual Training as well. She trains with me two times a week. Letty now has knowledge on how to shop at the grocery store, prepare meals, and what to eat and not eat when in a bind. Heres her story….

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When I was in high school I was in pretty good shape due to cheerleading keeping me active. Then in college I had my son and life got real busy. I mean really busy, so I started eating a ridiculous amount of fast food and completely stopped working out.  What did I gain from that? A whole bunch of weight! Then my soon to be husband proposed and the desire to lose weight increased. I just couldn’t picture the girl that I had become wearing my dream dress! Fortunately through Steve Burton I was introduced to Jon Gustin and I jumped in head first signing up for his nutrition plan. I’ll tell you though the first few weeks were the hardest, trying to find the right groceries, preparing my meals in advance, determining my goals, and just sticking with it. As time went on it just became natural, a lifestyle. I then decided to step my game up and sign up for virtual training sessions. I’ll be honest I’m not the happiest person when it comes to working out but I appreciate every session so much. I feel extremely accomplished afterwards and it’s extremely rewarding. Plus I’m seeing my body transform to a healthier, slimmer me. I’m ready to rock my wedding dress! I’m now 57lbs down in 7 months and I can truly say I have become addicted to this healthy and fit lifestyle.

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