Lisa Brown

Here is the Journey of My Client – Lisa Brown

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Lisa’s Story

Lisa Brown started with me in October 2011 and purchased a Custom Fitness Program from my website. In January she began Virtually Training with me 2-3 times a week. When my clients virtually train with me 2 or more times a week, I give them Nutrition Coaching for FREE. Here is Lisa’s story….

Get Results!

I had Gastric ByPass surgery 11 yrs ago and lost 140lbs. However I quickly gained back 40lbs and was still severely overweight. I repeatably tried diets that helped me lose weight but didn’t prevent me from gaining it all back. I travel for work and worked 40+ hours a week. I recall continually making excuses why I couldn’t get healthy and failed at making any sort of plans. I was finally fed up with the lack of confidence, no self-worth, wearing only stretch pants because I couldnt fit into anything else, having to ask for an extra seat belt on the plane, and finally… tired of those darn excuses!  I was also  fed up with these “DIETS” and the inevitable “yo-yo” that they put your body through. I was ready to not only lose weight but most importantly get healthy.

It all changed for me when Steve Burton introduced Jon Gustin on one of his weekly webcasts. I related to a saying that Jon said on his webcast, “Its not a diet, its a lifestyle.” After hearing that I was ready to get healthy and purchased one of Jon’s Custom Fitness Programs. I was committed and began following his plan working out 3-4 times a week. Then Jon launched his Virtual Training service. I immediately began working with Jon virtually from the privacy of my own living room. Its very convenient because I can also train from my hotel room when I travel which I do very often.

It has been 7 months on this journey and I have lost 68lbs and over 45 inches. I have learned through this journey that there are no excuses. I have a very busy life but I always commit to eating healthy and getting my workouts in… no matter what! Fast food is completely absent from my body. I no longer “drive thru,” I “drive by.” I always prepare my food and I love Jon’s quote, “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” Jon has turned working out from a four letter word to a three letter, “FUN!” Each training session is different and never boring. I am finally COMMITTED!  My new slogan is “COMMIT TO BE FIT” and my life has completely changed for the better.